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Nesting on the western show of contemporary Turkey, near small resort Kusadasi, the once influential trading and spiritual place of Ephesus was regarded as the most important and largest centers of the old Mediterranean world, and is regarded as the best preserved places of antiquity in Asia Minor.

History of Ephesus City

Celsus Library Ephesus viewThere is no complete information about the origins of this city. Myth has is that the Ephesus city (also known as Ephesos or Ephesia) was made by Androclos, Krodos son’s and the king of Athens once he escaped from the Dor attack of Greece and found a new place to settle. Androclos fled to Delphi Oracle and was told that a boar and fish will guide him. Many days after, while cooking, a fish feel, alarming a hiding boar. This hiding boar fled, and then Androclos followed and murdered the animal, setting up Ephesus on the place where the animal was killed. Myth aside, it is believed that the Ephasus or Ephasis city was created in 11 century by Ionians, and considered as the oldest Greek civilizations located near the Aegean Sea. Years after it was expanded by the Romanians and became the local place of Roman rule in Asia. Located at the end of Road Royal, the main way of the Roman Eastern extension, Ephesus city was the western border of East West trade. The city was made near the Cayster River that was scoured into a full harbour emptying in to the Mediterranean and develops into a great dock, boasting as the most significant Mediterranean seaport for products came from Roman West, Greece as well as Italy.

Inside view of Terrace HousesThe city was also famous as a core of religious godliness. From earliest periods, it made around an oldest Temple of Artemis, and now regarded as the one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Before Christian time, the city played a very significant responsibility in the spread of Christianity. With the coming of St. Paul, who utilizes the Ephesus city as the main place to expand Christianity to Greece and nearby cities, the standing or reputation of this city improved and was later place to important cults which includes those of Virgin Mary and Saint John.

All through the times, the city was dominated by different empires which take account of Romans, Ionians, Lydians as well as Persians. On the other hand, it managed to keep it liberty with a self-governing system. Ephesus city reached its pinnacle and was infamous for its prosperity between 1 and 4 AD during the time of Augustus, he was one of the most known leader of ancient Ephesus and eventually become the important place of New Asia. By means of economics of an altering world and a bothersome silting harbour, this big and crowded city became the old days of romance, a religious and cultural memory, gradually fading as the time goes by. In spite of, this city has kept one of the best reconstructed cities of the ancient world.

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Walking the main entrance of the city, the Magnesia gate, you will astounded by amazing sights. Grooved in chariot wheels, streets made of marbles, lead to wonderful temples, frescoes in Terrace Houses, fountains as well as porticoes. Touring the 3 storey Celsus Library, The Odeon, Temple of Hadrian on Curetes Street, Trojan Fountain as well as the Grand Theatre, Ephesus city is a proof and testimony of the greatness and prominence of an ancient civilization. Even if just five percent of the whole city has been preserved, it seems that old times continuously repeat it, and you can’t help but think as the relation between the rise and fall of this great city all through the ages as well as the changing modern empires and capitals. According to historian the population at this city was 250,000 or more than that made it one of the biggest and crowded city during the time of Antioch and Rome.

The wonderful city of Ephesus was incredibly inexpensively and has good trade and business going on. This is also the basis why the city was named the main and important city of New Asia. On the other hand, the progress of the trade and industry was begun to slow down after for a moment.

Below are some of the Facts Regarding the Ancient City of Ephesus.
Pope at House of Virgin Mary
  • Place of a Wonder: Artemis Temple, regarded as the seven wonders of the ancient world was located in this city.
  • Library: In Ephesus city, there are noticeable relics of a library devoted to Tiberus Julious Celsus Polemeanus which housed 12,000 to 15,000 scrolls.
  • Dimension: The Ephesus city was a coastal place with a populace of ΒΌ million. The city was regarded as the second biggest place of the Romanian Empire.
  • Antiquity: The city was discovered between 1500 and 1000 B.C.
  • Restoration: The city was shattered and cracked by a strong earthquake in 17 AD and then developed and extended by Tiberius.
  • Religious: The city was a significant enough place for previous Christianity; this is also the place where in the 3rd ecumenical council conducted in 431 AD.
  • Cosmopolitan: A finest place for Christians and Pagans, this city contained the usual trappings of Greek and Roman cities that take account of Odeon, theatre, public toilets, state agora as well as huge monument to the leaders and emperors.
  • St. Paul: The city was the place of St. Paul ministry for 3 years
  • Today: The place is now called Selcuk, in Izmir district near Kusadasi - Turkey.

Ephesus City Today

At this point, Ephesus is one of the most visited tourist destination all over the world. Main route being Istanbul to Ephesus, this is not only because of the many historical site because of the relation to Christ Church, and breathtaking monuments, but also due to the reason that lots of guests want to know the rich culture and history of the place. Many people stated that this place is very holy and sacred as you can find various religious sites in this place which include the Church of Virgin Mary. Yearly there are lots of Christians all over the world visit this site to pray and worship Virgin Mary and her Son as well.

Ephesus Opening hours

Ancient Ephesus City Ruins are open daily from to (local time). Visiting is easy, all you need to do is browse Ephesus tours and book with reliable and professional tour agency.

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Wondering what to see?

Celsus Library
Celsus Library

Celsus Library is one of the finest buildings in Ephesus. The two-story building contained over 12,000 hand-written books, making it one of the largest library collections of its time.

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