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Izmir City

A cafe in Izmir KemeraltiNestled along the seashore of the sea of Aegean, Izmir city is the third largest populated city in Turkey with 3.5 million population is also called Jewel of Aegean. Majority of the populace are of Turkish decent, up till now there are a huge number of distant residents going to this place because of its climate, highly developed structure as well as lifestyle. Izmir city has been a renowned tourist destination for so many years now, with a long and rich history dating back to resolutions on third century BC. All through history, the city has fascinated French, English as well as Dutch merchants because the port area serves as the main trade centre, most significant during the seventeenth century. City’s long multicultural background is also apparent in the local food, making a combination of influencing flavours.

Izmir FairDeveloping from a largely merchant trade, fishing area and agriculture, Izmir, once called Smyrna has become one of the dynamic cities of skilled and professionals with a desirable lifestyle of Turkey. The pleasing climate in Mediterranean has helped to make the city more appealing; with long summer that has an average of 30 degree Celsius and mild winter. The preferable weather has made a perfect setting for a good outdoor lifestyle, with a wide sort of traditional and cultural events happened all through the year. Exhibitions, open air theatres, arts centres, festivals as well as concerts allow a varied of selection of choices to entertain visitors locally or internationally. There are also amusements parks, open air zoo as well as bird sanctuary that will surely appeal to all visitors.

Vıew of Izmir PortThe appeal of living in Izmir is more enhanced by the brilliant network of transport connecting Izmir to a number of major cities all through Europe and the rest of Turkey. Izmir international airport has been improved t to deal with the rising demand, and structure is ongoing to unite it with the local passageway system. A number of landmarks with city’s past relic following the re-constructions and conquest, together with the modern development and the expansion of the city. Until that time living as a walled city with 3 castles and big bazaar area, at this point in time just the small portion of the walls remains and one once palace remain as well. Nestling in the surrounding mountains, the remaining castle serve as the prominent landmark of Izmir. Aside from this, well-known landmark and more current development is the marble clock tower placed on the corner of the old seaport which is not far away from the new Port of Izmir.

One significant change happen in this city in today’s time was the outcome of a regulation passed in 1960s. This is made to replace the one story structure of the Izmir to larger eight storey apartment blocks for the lease benefit of building contractors and landlords, local landscape changed slowly. The instant improve in capability of inhabitants converted the fishing and agricultural town into this place it has become at this point in time. At present housing six universities and a range of schools well-known all through the country, Izmir merges the ideal blend of well-informed professionalism with a beach resort relaxation.

Izmir Panaroma view

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The Terrace houses
House of the Rich - Terrace Houses

The houses built on the terraces on the slopes of Mount Koressos were inhabited by the wealthy families of the city. The first houses are dated to the 1st century AD and they had been used with some renovations until the city was abandoned.

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