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Izmir Airport

Izmir Airport location mapIzmir airport is located within Gaziemir / Izmir and is named after the former Prime Minister of Turkey, Adnan Menderes thus also known as Adnan Menderes Airport. It is serving the Izmir and Aegean area and is catering its services for all international flights. The airport is not only renowned of its 4th place for the airport having the most traffic from both local and international tourists but is also known for its rich history that it covers. Though it may have been a part of the history, it does not necessarily mean that the airport is considered as an old one. As compared to any international airports across the globe, Izmir airport can be termed as a new one. In fact, the new terminal for international flights was just built last September of 2007. This only means that the terminal is equipped with all the latest machineries that will help in making all travellers comfortable with their trip. Furthermore, it is also expected that it will be the start in replacing the old terminal.

inside Izmir AirportDue to the incredibly rich history that the airport as well as its neighbouring town has, the traffic of passenger visiting the place has drastically increased. It's rich history was the reason why many tourists are attracted with visiting the places. Currently, Izmir airport is going through it's expansion to ensure that it can cater the comfort needs of the ever growing traffic in the city. Since Ephesus at 65km away and is the most popular tourist attraction, many tourists fly to the airport and visit Ephesus and other historical attractions. While visiting other parts of Turkey, it is possible to book one of our Ephesus tours that can start from Izmir Airport. If you are staying in Istanbul you can take the Istanbul Ephesus Tour to visit Ephesus Ruins in same day.

The Izmir Adnan Menderes International airport is also close to major towns and holiday resorts. From Izmir to Kusadasi the distance is only 85km, and Cesme is approx 96 km.

Izmir airport is designed with 2 main terminals, one of the local flights and one of the international flights. These terminals are connected conveniently by walkways. A total of 400 meters of the entire walkway is mobile allowing all travellers to walk through the entire airport with ease. Through its expansion, the government of Izmir as well as the authorities running the airport is projecting that its expanded terminals will be catering more of its passengers upon completion.

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