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Cruise ship leaving Izmir Alsancak portIzmir port is regarded as the 3rd largest docks in Turkey and also considered as the most excellent natural port. Lots of ships can unload and load at the same time; on the other hand Izmir port for the most part is a discharge dock for tankers. Port of Izmir is separated into many sections and lots of cruise ships also port to the Izmir dock and there is also a terminal for passengers with rows of stores that sell local products and cafes as well. Port of Izmir, Turkey has three duty free shops that serve customers and passengers. Chamber of Shipping in Izmir offers all types of passenger’s services and brochure in the dock. Local travel companies organized guided Izmir city tours and we provide tours to Ephesus Ruins to witness remarkable sites like Church of Virgin Mary, Celsus Library and many more.

Izmir Alsancak port terminal buildingThe perfect location of the Izmir port has sustained activity to become one of Turkey’s biggest ports which include Istanbul. Port of Izmir also has a free zone which was made in the year 1990 as a combined business with the United States. United States influences in the native place also extended to the Izmir city being the place of United States Space Camp.

In Izmir, cruise traffic has augmented in previous three years and port started to have a significant responsibility in the field of tourism. The amount of passengers for every year was about 400,000 in the year 2007 on the other hand then has begun to augment further year after year. The common nationalities of customers who come to the Izmir port with cruise ship are German, Italian, French, Spanish, American as well as British.

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Private Ephesus Tours

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Private tour to Ephesus Ancient City Ruins and near by attractions. Excursion takes approximately 6 to 7 hours.

Izmir Ephesus Tour

Starting from Izmir, the tour of Ephesus. Covers the most important attractions around and takes 5 to 6 hours.

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Wondering what to see?

Basilica of St. John
Saint John Basilica

The inhabitants of Ephesus moved to Ayasuluk after the 7th century AD, the Basilica of St. John substituted the church in Ephesus, one of the Seven Churches of Revelation.

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Eight of us on 12 night Mediterranean cruise arranged a tour through Ephesus Tours and were fortunate enough to be met at the cruise terminal by Gonca Kizilhan, a.k.a. Rosie, the most wonderful tour guide in all of Turkey! She was so knowledgeable, was able to answer any question asked of her and had the most pleasant personality.”

Travelicious1217, Warrington, Pennsylvania

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