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Kusadasi Port of EphesusKusadasi port, also known as Ephesus Port is located in the down town of Kusadasi city in Turkey. It is a stone throw away from the main shopping place and also walks away to Pidgeon Island or Güvercin Ada and the coast beyond. "Kuşadası" is an exceptional touristic township beside the coastline of the Aegean. The contemporary, European design resort municipality of 50,000 greatly dependent upon the tourist trade created from cruise ships. Coming to the Ephesus port, cruise ships help with the development of the local populace to approximately 50,000 each summer. Cruise excursions from Kusadasi port is one of the favourites Ephesus visits. Incorporated in the growth of population is Turkish workers who head of the municipality every year for the wide sort of employment in the sectors of the service. Situated flank another common resort of Bodrum to southern part, and Izmir city to the north, Kusadasi harbour is a preferred place for lots of holiday makers going to Turkey. The charming town features an eye-catching turquoise bay in front, behind assisted by the Kaz Dagi Mountain. Remarkably well associated to the surrounding major towns, this beautiful town can be reached by either the international airports such as Izmir International Airport.

Being a mainly tourist location, Kushadasi provides for a huge amount of foreign inhabitant, with lots coming from Northern part of Europe. Having made from a local village, Kusadasi started to convey to an important center in the year 1970s, originally offering for local and international holiday makers. Year 1980s, this place started to entice foreign guests and made more appealing to many tourist markets.

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Ephesus port view from Cruise ShipKusadasi Sunset view from shoreImprovements in the Ephesus port area to provide for cruise liners gradually changed the city into a key resort center. Port of Kusadasi has been the core of the town all through its history, serving as a minor and a major stopping point behind the coast of the Aegean. Originally discovered in 3,000 BC, the Kusadasi port has seen lots of modifications over its lifetime. During the huge civilizations of the old times, when the west and east were linked in the travelling traders to the Orient, the town succeeded as a major dock beside the Caravan Routes. Soon after in its record during the Mid-Ages, the town became a favored safe haven for pirates working the surrounding seas.

Kusadasi pirates of history are sustained in Kusadasi most famous attraction, a turreted fort utilized as a base by the Barbarossa pirate situated on a tiny island just off the Ephesus Harbour. Essential historical attractions in the Kusadasi town take account of the old city of Ephesus, Temple of Artemis, and other attraction of historical significance.

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At this point in time Kusadasi goes on to evolve, providing for the needs of visitors as well as real estate traders. Ample water sport and sailing opportunities are accessible for the fanatics in Kusadasi port, while many golf courses are in the construction process in order to give choices the existing golf clubs in areas. The lively city offers a great quantity of beach clubs, hotels, restaurants, and bars, while keeping its custom of survival from the tactical location of the port.

Kusadasi Ephesus Port panoramic view from cruise ship

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Celsus Library
Celsus Library

Celsus Library is one of the finest buildings in Ephesus. The two-story building contained over 12,000 hand-written books, making it one of the largest library collections of its time.

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