Ephesus Archaeological Museum entrance

Ephesus Archaeological Museum

Located in Selcuk small town of Izmir, Ephesus Museum holds archaeological artefacts collected around the Ruins. Ephesus is popularly known as among the precious and ancient sites in Turkey due to its rich history as well as cultural background. The place is recognized by many as the city created by the son of king of Athens, Androclos. Holding a rich history and cultural background. Museum recently has been renovated and it is now re open to visitors. Currently, entrance fee of the museum is 15 Turkish liras. There a some gift shops for some souvenirs to take home.

Archaeological museum is 4 km away from where the ancient city ruins is found. It can be seen near the entrance of the city’s famous Basilica of St. John, displaying excavations from the ancient city of the place. Its main highlights include the two statues of Ephesian Artemis, mosaics and frescoes.

Facts about the Museum

Ephesus Museum inside viewIn the ruins, works of arts that are dug between years 1867-1905 were moved to the British Museum while those dug from 1905-1923 are transported to Vienna. In the following years, Turkey republic started to forbade moving the antiques out of the country, thus, giving way to the establishment of Ephesus Archaeological Museum which has taken form in the year 1983. The museum found in the ancient city is very much different than other museums in the country. T shape layout is actually designed to chronological order with themed rooms. It includes rooms called the Hall of the Fountain Relics, The Gladiators Section, The Hall of The Funerary Relics, The Hall of Artemis and The House Findings Room to name some.

What to Find

All our full day tour packages includes this museum and the entrance fee. If you wish to book a half day tour and visit the museum, you will have to modify tour itinerary by booking a custom Ephesus tour.

The museum displays the archaeological pieces found around the ruins of the city. Early discoveries prior to the World War II are taken to Vienna while the many of the remaining archaeological pieces are put to the museum. The museum holds archaeological facts from the ancient city’s Terrace houses including:

  • Jewellery
  • Scales
  • Cosmetic boxes
  • Funerary goods
  • Plus coins; and
  • Ancient statuary

Archaeological museum also houses the famous effigy of Priapus, the Phallic God, Artemis statue and early gladiators cemetery excavation with their training regimens, weaponry and occupational hazards. The museum also houses the fresco from the Hadrian’s Temple showing four heroic Amazons with their cut off breasts.

Roman Period House Finds Room

Ephesus Roman PeriodRoman Period House Finds Room is the first exhibit that comes on the museum. It displays artefacts originated from the "Slope Houses" once owned by the upper class Ephesians. These artefacts include interesting household items that are recovered from the Slope houses including the faded fresco of Socrates originating from the 3rd century and the bronze Eros with Dolphin from a fountain originated in 2nd century. The room also displays Bes ithyphallic figurine that is excavated near the brothel. Bes is known as a protector motherhood as well as childbearing according to the Egyptian origin.

Another historical display the museum houses is the Ivory Frieze. This archaeological artefact has originated from the one of the Slope Houses upper story. It depicts the Trojan emperor together with Roman soldiers who had battled barbarians. Other historical items displayed in the Roman Period House Finds Room includes a collection of cosmetic and medical tools that were used the medical school in the Roman times together with a wall portrait of the Ephesian physicians long ago.

The Hall of Artemis

Artemis HallThe Hall of Artemis is another illuminating section found in the museum. It is solely dedicated to the mother goddess, Artemis. The section is dominated with the two colossal statues of Artemis where one is called the Great Artemis of the 2nd century AD and the beautiful Artemis of the 1st century AD. Both of the statues feature a row of protuberances which symbolizes fertility. The room also includes the headless Aphrodite and the head of Zeus from the 1st century AD. It also displays the statue of youthful Dionysus having a satyr and another set of statues of Dionysus together with the imperial family’s members that are recovered from the monumental fountain of the city.

In the courtyards, more monumental artefacts are displayed such as the remains from the Isis temple or also known as the Temple of Augustus, the Sarcophagus with Muses of the 3rd century AD, as well as the Ephesus Monument that is inscribed with the ancient city’s tax regulations issues by the late Emperor Nero, dated 62 AD. The museums final exhibit displays the Roman sculptures including the frieze originated from the Temple of Hadrian. This important artefact depicts the birth of Artemis cult and the founding of the Ancient ruins of Ephesus as well as the flight of the Amazons. The addition of the Imperial Palace adds life to the splendour and greatness of the antiques. It provides a great panorama of the military scenes during the city’s old age, depicting the ancient battle, art of riding, hunt and victory. With Ephesus Museum, one can admire the valuable records of sunken culture.

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Wondering what to see?

Basilica of St. John
Saint John Basilica

The inhabitants of Ephesus moved to Ayasuluk after the 7th century AD, the Basilica of St. John substituted the church in Ephesus, one of the Seven Churches of Revelation.

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