Sirince Village view

Sirince Village

An ancient village near Ephesus, the Village holds 600 inhabitants. It is situated 8km east of Selcuk in Izmir province. From Selcuk town, an alluring road will take you farther up the beautiful mountains by the green countryside to the side of paradise. Perched high within the hills that are surrounded by peach orchards, olive groves and vineyards, Sirince Turkey is known as one of the most scenic Aegean coast villages.

The Alluring Village

Sirince wine houseThe attractive building on the left side once you enter Sirince Village is known as Artemis. It is the biggest wine house and restaurant in the village. In this restaurant, you will get to have a good taste of the mouthwatering local food and wine together with the finest sceneries within the village. The majority of Sirince houses had been built roughly during the nineteenth century or perhaps earlier when the village was mostly a Greek village. These days, few of them have been run to restoration and converted to pension houses for the guests who want to stay overnight. Around the fairly cobbled streets you will a number of lovely shops, some guest houses, an open market as well as several restaurants. While tourism has increased in the economy of the village, still, farming stays as the principal activity. Villagers produce olive oil and work to grow few of the finest peaches found in the country.

Few Facts about the Village

Sirince Village ChurchDue to the natural beauty of the place, more and more visitors are allured to visit the beautiful place. The following are some of the useful facts that will enlightened you how this village became really popular. Sirince is likely most popular due to its rich and successful wine production. You will see several wine houses around this village in which you could taste a number of types of fruit and grape wines they produce in the place.

Paradise by many people.

There are also 2 churches you can find along with a mosque. Situated inside the appealing courtyard that is complemented with a beautiful fountain, the St. John Baptist church is presently on the process of restoration by the culture ministry of Turkey. The name of the village primarily mean pretty, which is very evident to its appearance. The habitants of the village gave the village’s name on purpose because they don’t like to be troubled by outsiders or to share their village’s beauty.

A Place worth Your Visit

Unfortunately there are no regular transport to the village. You will have to make your own way privately. To see the village, you would have to take a tour that includes a visit to the village. Beautiful Sirince Village tour will surely make you a lovely day, taking you away from the bustle and hustle of the resort. You may do this by enjoying the authentic atmosphere of the village, stopping at the local wine houses to savour the many different types of fruit wines or spending some of your time watching the different handmade local crafts, such as handmade lace, clothes, embroidery and crochet. You may also wish to try the luscious dish of a Turkish Pastry known as Gozleme or take a visit of the ancient St. John church. Doing some or all these things will surely make your village time worth remembering.

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