Basilica of St John

Basilica of St John

Basilica of St John

St. John Basilica is located in the slopes of the Ayasoluk Hill and below its fortress just near the current Ephesus ruins in Selcuk district. You will be passing through this area and stop by if it is included with you tour itinerary. Only Biblical tours might include by default. If you wish to see the Basilica, please book a custom tour of Ephesus.

The basilica was known to be built with ashlar stones and brick, whiles its columns are made from marble and are marble plated as well. This is done to withstand the entire weight of the domes constructed above it. From the course or designs adopted from the 5th century, the towers are timber-roofed and are place on the bay of the preceding chancel as well as the altar.

Tomb / Basilica of St JohnThe construction of the basilica was really meant as a mausoleum, it was also used as the church in the city. What makes the basilica really striking than any other basilica built in the same time is that, it is designed with enormous apse that is attached just on the eastern piers. This is located on the crossing along with an encircling passage in between the 2 walls. This structure is believed to be tunnel-vaulted that is why it is has this unique look.

Though the land that was surrounding the basilica was found to be uninhabitable or even be used for cultivating anything, Justinian made it possible to provide an aqueduct that is built just near the area of the church. After its successful building process in the basilica of St John, it has greatly helped the entire city of Ephesus for providing the entire surrounding of the basilica the improvements that it needs. Soon after, it had flourished and made its surroundings more beautiful than what it has before.

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