Hadrian Temple

Hadrian Temple

details of Hadrian TempleThe Temple of Hadrian is regarded as the best conserved and most remarkable formations located on Curetes Street at Ephesus. The constructed was led by P. Quintillius in AD 138 and was honored to late Emperor Hadrian. At the front, there was four Corinthian pillars assisting a bent arch, and at the center has an image of Tyche, the Goddess of Victory. Pillars on side are square and the foundation of the temple was a pedestal with writings.

The interior of the Hadrian Temple, there is a human form above the door and there is a statue of Medusa that stands with plants of acanthus. There are friezes located on equal sided stating the origin of the bases of Ephesus-Androclos targeting a boar, and Dionysus in ritual processions as well as the Amazons. The 4th friezes shows two male forms; Apollo; Goddess of the Moons, and a figure of Herakles Androkles, the son and wife of Theodosius as well as the Goddess of Athena. Today, the friezes that seen are just a replica, as the original are preserved in Ephesus Museum.

Curetes street - Hadrian TempleHadrian is one of the 5 of Good Emperors. This is a group which refers to 5 successive Roman Empire Emperor Hadrian, Antoninus Pius, Nerva, Trajan as well as Marcus Aurelius. First term is coined in 1532 by Niccolo Machiavelli, political philosopher. Emperor Hadrian was born on January 24, 76 AD, in Rome, even if his parents live in Italica. He learns different subjects especially to young nobles, and he was very fond of studying Greek literature which has been called a Little Greek or Graeculus. He was also participating in various fights giants Dacians and won rewards from Trajan because of this success. Because of lack in military activity in his time, his military knowledge is not properly attested, on the other hand, is intense knowledge and interest of the military as well as his demonstrated skill of supervision show possible tactical talent.

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