Commercial Market Place

Commercial Market Place

Market Square, popularly called as Agora, is the commercial market of Ephesus located at the center of the city. This Ephesus market was nestled by the side of Marble Road unwavering from the theatre to Library of Celsus. Agora market has 3 large entrances, in the northern part, southern parts as well as the western part of the city.

Ephesus Commercial Market / AgoraOn the south gate of this commercial market, you will see the Mithridattes and Mazeus that led to Celsus library. In the eastern part of this market, there is a 2 storey Doric design Stoat with pillars and behind it is a line of shops and stores where you can find authentic food and other local products. A sundial as well as water clock had been erected in the center of the structure that was enclosed by colonnades down all the four corners of it. Aside from that, a portico is built in by the side of the west, the south and the west part of the market that has two rows of stores.

Agora is the most and major commercial market of Ephesus. This was constructed in the 3rd century in the time of Hellenistic; on the other hand the relics date from Caracalla period in 211-217 C.E. This square shaped market measures 100 meters on every side and completely surrounded by pillars. The northern part of this commercial market is open while the west, south and eastern part were surrounded by porticos. The commercial market of Ephesus had many things to offer, there are lots of hand crafted products available to select from aside from different foods offered in rows of shops. And this might be main reason why it was called the major commercial market of Ephesus city. If you are planning to spend your your day in Ephesus city just visit this wonderful market.

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