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Private Ephesus tours with guide is available either full day or half day. While full day excursion takes approximately 6-7 hours, a half day shore tour will take around 4-5 hours. Depending on number of sites you wish to see, full day trip will be completed around 16:00 pm and half day tour can be completed around 13:00 pm. Luxury day tours are the most popular type of activity than exploring the ruins with a crowded Ephesus shuttle. For best private tours, price range varies from $70 to $120 (example price per person price in group of 8 people) and as online payment option, cash, Paypal, credit cards and travellers cheques are accepted. Please kindly contact us to get a price quote for your personal requirements.

We also offer various Luxurious private package tours throught Turkey,from Cappadocia, Bodrum & Marmaris & Fethiye and Antalya. Please contact us before you travel, so we can plan a same day or multi day trip dependig on your requests.

Tours from Kusadasi

Pick up from Kusadasi Port or your hotel.

, also known as Ephesus Port is one of the most busy ports of Turkey. Many cruise ships dock at Kusadasi and sightseeing tours from cruise ships are departed from the port all year long. Kusadasi town and the port is the closest port 23 kilometres (14.2 miles) to the city ruins and other historical and biblical attractions near the area. So if you your cruise is docking at Kusadasi port, you have the best chance of visiting the .

You will be picked up from port for your shore excursion options. Full day excursion itinerary includes The House of Virgin Mary. It is the only shrine which is visited both Muslims and Christians. The City of Ephesus which takes approx. 2 hours. Then You will explore the daily life of ancient Ephesian by visiting Ephesus Museum which is not a part of ruins and the location can be seen on Ephesus map.
After lunch the last stop is The Temple of Artemis which is seven wonders of ancient world. The duration of the this full day excursion is approximately 6-7 hours.

Fullday Private Tour from Kusadasi

After you meet your guide at the port, you will drive approximately 20 minutes to Selcuk town for your half day private tour. The first stop is The Temple of Artemis which will take 20 minutes. Then arriving the gate of ancient city ruins to see the highlights; Celsus Library, Hadrian Temple, Grand Theatre and more.
After exploring the historical sites which take about 3-4 hours then, you will be transferred to The The The House of Virgin Mary where she spent her final years. Drive to restaurant for traditional Turkish lunch.

Halfday private tour from Kusadasi

It is easy to create your own tour itinerary with this option. Pick up from (port or hotel) then arrive to Selcuk to visit; The ancient city, The Terrace Houses, The House of Virgin Mary, The Basilica of St. John, The Museum, Tomb of Seven Sleepers, Sirince Village and many more. So you can explore these sites by this option depending on your time and availability.
Lunch is at local Turkish restaurant with traditional lunch which includes delicious home made meal

Custom private tour from Kusadasi

Tours from Izmir

Pick-up from Izmir Port, Izmir airport or your hotel.

, is a busy and a large port of Turkey. All major cruise lines dock at this port and guided tours for attractions nearby and around Izmir are very popular as well city tours. Location of the port is very central and is approximately 83.7 kilometres (52 miles) away. The airport is 75.8 kilometres (47 miles) from the City ruins. Both half day and full day options are available from Izmir Port or Airport.

You will be met by your guide at Izmir Port for your private tour. After driving to the Selcuk area, firstly you will begin to explore The House of Virgin Mary which is one the highlights of this region. Then drive for Ruins which is the most visited ancient city of Modern Turkish Republic. As it is not a part of city ruins; visiting Archaeological Museum will be an interesting experience for you. After having your traditional Turkish lunch in a local restaurant, will be visiting The Temple of Artemis which was built near the first settlement of the city. This full day private tour will take approximately 6-7 hours.

Izmir Ephesus Tour

Your Private guide will be waiting you at the meeting place ( Izmir Port or your hotel ), you will be informed about the details of the Private excursion. You will have approximately 1 hour drive to get to Ephesus area and ruins which is one of the largest open air museum of the world and learn about Ephesus history. You will begin to explore The The House of Virgin Mary which is one the biblical highlights of this region. Then drive to Ephesus City which is the most visited ancient ruins of Turkey. The last stop before lunch is The Artemis Temple which was the pilgrimage point of ancient time. The whole excursion will take 5-6 hours.

Izmir Ephesus Tour

You can create your own itinerary with this option. If you are coming from Cappadocia, Istabul or anywhere in Turkey, you can be picked up from Izmir Airport or Izmir port ands after one hour drive, arrive to Selcuk to visit Ephesus ruins. And you can add The Terrace Houses, The House of Virgin Mary, The Basilica of St. John, The Museum , Sirince Village and a few more sites. You can explore these beautiful sites by this option depending on your time availability.
Then drive to the local restaurant for your traditional Turkish lunch which includes delicious home made dishes.

Customized Ephesus Tour

Tours from Istanbul

Day tour from Istanbul by flight

Jewel of Turkey, once called Constantinople is now a major tourist destination. Istanbul Ephesus Tour itinerary starts by flying from to in the morning and driving to . You will be picked at Izmir airport by your guide and drive to the ruins. Your private guide will be giving you information about the surroundings and history of the area while driving. By taking a daily tour from Istanbul, you will also be able to see surroundings around the ruins of the city such as Artemis Temple, House of Virgin Mary, the museum and more.

After flying from Istanbul to Izmir with flight arranged by us, your private tour guide will be meeting you at the first exit gate of Izmir Airport. Arrive at Selcuk Town after 1 hour drive then visit The House of Virgin Mary which is now a National Park as well. Explore The Ephesus City Ruins for almost 1,5 hours by foot. After lunch drive to The Temple of Artemis on the way of Izmir Airport. The trip takes approximately 6-7 hours. Depending on your request we can arrange all your domestic flight travel tickets.

Tours from Istanbul

Fly from Istanbul to Izmir with flight arranged by us. Your guide will be meeting you at the exit gate of Izmir Airport. Arrive at Selcuk Town after 1 hour drive. Visit The House of Virgin Mary first. Explore The Ruins of Ephesus for at least 1,5 hours by foot. After lunch drive to The Temple of Artemis on the way of Izmir Airport. The journey takes approximately 4-5 hours. Depending on your request we can arrange your domestic flight travel tickets.

Tour from Istanbul
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* Per person price in 8 people group.

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Ephesus Tours & shore excursions services are rated 4.96 out of 5, based on 762 reviews.
Private Ephesus full day visit
stars5 out of 5, Reviewed on

Got picked up by Mrs Phyliss ( licensed tour guide) and the driver from Izmir Airport ( after a bit of waiting because our flight had some few minutes delays). She spoke good English. As we drove from the airport to Selcuk/Ephesus she led us in the discussions that covered work, culture, politics, religion as well as family. In about an hour it was as if we have been in Turkey before due her explanations. We went to the house of Virgin Mary (detailed explanation enroute as well as onsite given-because it was a Sunday my wife and I attended the mass for about 5 minutes). Moved to Ephesus ancient city( what a blast from the past) and spent about 1.5 hours (being given details of each section of the City including Ephesus Breeze library and 25000 seater Amphitheatre by our knowledgeable tour guide) from the upper gate to the lower gate. We moved for lunch at carpet weaving facility supported by the Turkish Dept. Of Education- excellent lunch we had and excellent carpets we saw. From there we moved to Selcuk for the Basilica of ST John. It was great touring the supposed tomb of ST Jean/John and the remains of the Church. What an inspiration. Closed off by visiting a leather clothes making outlet - great quality. In summary:Booking arrangements : excellent Tour guide and Driver : Excellent The tour Car/van: Excellent Places visited : great Do I recommend the Ounce Travel company : Absolutely Tour Rates: Very GoodIf you you want visit in summer please note that an ambrela is a must. The place is hot.Im looking at visiting again to tour the 7 churches of Revelation. My first choice should be Ounce Travel.Thanks to Mrs Phillys and Ounce Travel for the journey we may never forget.Jeremiah Mudau From Republic of South Africa

Such a memorable day
stars5 out of 5, Reviewed on

We had been to Ephesus and to The House of Virgin Mary with a group of 40 people comprised of academicians and researchers from all around Turkey and the UK. Our trip constituted the social part of an international workshop. Our guide was Elcin Yilmaz. Her tour guide performance was simply great! She had an in-depth knowledge of the destination. She interacted with the people in our group directly during the entire trip. She provided us with a safe, enjoyable and rewarding experience in Ephesus. Moreover she was very punctual that we managed to arrive Izmir in time. In summary, my experience with her being us guide that day, convinced me to contact her again for the our trip and we did so!

Ephesus City Ruins

Celsus Library

Library of Ephesus was built in honor of the Roman Senator "Tiberius Julius Celsus Polemaeanus" by Celsus' son, Gaius Julius Aquila.

Terrace Houses

Near the Library of Celsus are luxurious elite houses, known as the "Slope Houses" for their location on the slopes.

Around the ruins

Artemis Temple

The Temple of Artemis is one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. The temple is 425 feet high and is made up of expensive marbles.

St John Basilica

It is believed that St. John spent his last years near "Ephesus" and is buried in the Selcuk town in the southern hills.

Testimonials & Reviews

Hired Ephesus Tours for a private tour of Ephesus, the Cave of the Seven Sleepers, the Temple of Artemis. He was fantastic and engaging to both us and our kids.”

Rudorfs, Illinois

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