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Ephesus - Terrace Houses

Ephesus Terrace Houses Ephesus Terrace Houses are located on the hill, opposite the Hadrian Temple in Ephesus City. Also called/known as "the houses of rich", important for the reason gives us information about family life during the Roman period. Ephesus Terrace Houses were built according to the Hippodamian plan of the Ephesus city in which roads transected each other at right angels.


House of Virgin Mary

House of Virgin Mary House of Virgin Mary is located on the high hills of the "Bulbul mountain" close to Ephesus City, the shrine of Virgin Mary enjoys a great atmosphere hidden in the green surrounded by trees. It is the place where Virgin Mary may have spent her last days. Actually, she may have come in the area together with Saint John, who spent a few years in the area to spread Christianity.


Basilica of St John

Basilica of St John Basilica of St John, by many it is believed that evangelist St John had spent his last years in the region around Ephesus and got buried in the southern slope of Ayosolug Hill in Selcuk. Three hundred years after the death of St John, a small chapel was constructed over the grave in the 4th century. The church of St John was changed into a marvelous basilica during the region of Emperor Justinian.


Ephesus Museum

Ephesus Museum Ephesus Archaeological Museum is different from other many museums you would normally see. Museum is not designed according to chronological order on the contrary but it has rooms with a theme. For example the rooms are called; The House Findings Room, The Hall of The Fountain Relics, The Hall of The Funerary Relics, The Hall of Artemis, The Gladiators Section...
"Ephesus Archaeological Museum" is now OPEN!!


Sirince Village

Sirince Village View Sirince The pretty old Orthodox village, a few kilometers away from Ephesus Ruins and approximately 30 km from Kusadasi, was earlier Cirkince ("ugly").
Actually it's residents gave this name on purpose as they did not want to be bothered by foreigners nor to share the beauty of Sirince village.

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Private Ephesus Tours

Kusadasi Ephesus Tour

Private tour to Ephesus Ancient City Ruins and near by attractions. Excursion takes approximately 6 to 7 hours.

Izmir Ephesus Tour

Starting from Izmir, the tour of Ephesus. Covers the most important attractions around and takes 5 to 6 hours.

Istanbul Ephesus Tour

Fly from Istanbul to Izmir and explore the marvels of Ephesus & around privately.

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The Terrace houses
House of the Rich - Terrace Houses

The houses built on the terraces on the slopes of Mount Koressos were inhabited by the wealthy families of the city. The first houses are dated to the 1st century AD and they had been used with some renovations until the city was abandoned.

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Our Guide brought Ephesus to life for us & was extremely informative; we even had people listening to him & complimenting him on being a much better guide than theirs from other companies. He guided us expertly to be at the front of the queues & out of the heat as quickly as possible.”

JoyLaister, York, United Kingdom

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