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  1. Will guide come to sites with us?
    Ofcourse, he/she will be with you all times. "Your" private guide will be giving you brief lectures about the individual sites and attractions. At some important location lectures will be slightly longer. You are free to ask any questions at any times. Your guide will answer all your questions regarding attractions and culturel aspects. Please note that your guide will also be giving you "free time" when asked.

  2. Should I make prepayment?
    If you prefer to. In order to secure and confirm your reservation a small deposit or phone confirmation is required. Deposit is payable by paypal or credit card payment by mail order. In general, deposit amount is around 10% of the total amount. We prefer deposit payment by Paypal since it's easier and best for refund if the reservation is cancelled due to unexpected events. If you wish to confirm your reservation by phone, no deposit is required.

  3. Can we pay on the tour?
    If you have confirmed your Private tour request by phone, yes you can pay during the tour. If you have made a prepayment, the rest of the balance can be paid during the the tour.

  4. Where do we take lunch? Is it included in price ?
    Yes, the lunch is included in the total tour price. The lunch location is predetermined clean and traditional restaurant/establishment within the districts of Ephesus / Selcuk area.

  5. Will we stop any shopping store? Is it included in price?
    Yes, if requested you are free to stop at shopping stores with your guide.

  6. Is it possible to stop at Turkish Bazaar for shopping?
    Yes, absolutely. Please consult with your guide.

  7. How far Ephesus from Izmir?
    Izmir Center / Port is approximately 80 km from Ephesus Ruins and takes approximately an hour by vehicle. Izmir Airport is approximately 70 km from Ephesus / Selcuk.

  8. Do you have transfer from Izmir Airport?
    Yes we do. If your tour requires pickup from Izmir airport or Izmir Port, there is no extra charge.

  9. How far Ephesus from Kusadasi?
    Kusadasi Center / Port is approximately 19 km from Ephesus Ruins and takes approximately 20 minutes by vehicle.

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Ephesus City Ruins

Celsus Library

Library of Ephesus was built in honor of the Roman Senator "Tiberius Julius Celsus Polemaeanus" by Celsus' son, Gaius Julius Aquila.

Terrace Houses

Near the Library of Celsus are luxurious elite houses, known as the "Slope Houses" for their location on the slopes.

Around the ruins

Artemis Temple

The Temple of Artemis is one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. The temple is 425 feet high and is made up of expensive marbles.

St John Basilica

It is believed that St. John spent his last years near "Ephesus" and is buried in the Selcuk town in the southern hills.

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We were very pleased with his promptness in meeting us at ship with a clean, air conditioned van. As a former teacher, his information was engaging and fun.”

Sunnytiger23, Columbia

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