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Our main aim is to satisfy each and every guest we serve to their highest expectations.So far our Private Ephesus Tour guide services have been rated one of the best for various types of Ephesus & Biblical tours in Turkey...
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stars 5 out of 5, Reviewed on

Really felt the biblical history. Walked among the ruins and saw some interesting things. Example the ladies toilets and men's toilets. Glad I did it in June and not in the hot summer months when it is really hot.Had a delicious Turkish lunch while on tour.

Private Ephesus Tour with Arzu
stars 5 out of 5, Reviewed on

What a wonderful tour with a terrific guide! We thoroughly enjoyed our half day tour with Arzu who showed us all around Ephesus. She was so knowledgeable and personable, very easy to travel with. She tailor made the tour with us, stopping at all the places we wanted to see. The prices were very reasonable, the air-conditioned Mercedes van was very comfortable and she was a joy to be with. Do not hesitate to book a tour with this group. It was perfect!

Private tour of Ephesus
stars 5 out of 5, Reviewed on

We had a wonderful time on our private tour with Ms. Arzu. She was extremely professional and excited to show visitors around her country. She has a passion for Turkish history and made the ruins of Ephesus come alive. We thoroughly enjoyed our carpet demonstration and traditional lunch. She tailored our tour to what we were interested in and we hope to come back soon. It was truly a memorable day on our vacation!

Historical and wonderful Ephesus
stars 5 out of 5, Reviewed on

We visited Turkey in May 2014, a wonderful country, full of history and spectacular scenery. We had the opportunity to go to Ephesus, it's like making a trip to the past, some very well preserved ruins. We did the tour with a Turkish guide, speaking very good Spanish, Our Ephesus Tour Guide, who illustrated us about the whole story and made our visit more enjoyable. A few kilometers away is the house of the Virgin Mary, where he spent his last years and now is a beautiful sanctuary that has been visited by 3 Popes. It is a highly recommended visit and accompanied by an expert guide, much better not to miss any detail. Guiomar Corvacho. Colombia

Tour in Turkey
stars 5 out of 5, Reviewed on

We recently took a Mediterranean cruise and booked most of the tours through the ship. The one exception was our day tour of Ephesus with Mr Ali and About Ephesus. I have to say it was the best of all. It was so nice to be in a private car with just a few people (4 of us), our own driver and guide. Mr Ali was very personable and eager to please us. He was very knowledgeable about the sites we visited and always knew the answers when we had questions. He also was informed about the current state of the economy in Turkey. Lunch was include and it was great! We also saw a demonstration of silk weaving and carpet making (at our request). A great tour! Thanks Mr. Ali and "About Ephesus" Tours.

Awesome tour
stars 5 out of 5, Reviewed on

The tour of Ephesus was amazing. I was able to book my tour less than 48 hours before my private half day tour. They picked me up from my hotel in Izmir, and dropped my off at the airport afterwards. They get back to you immediately through email, I was very impressed. My tour guide Mert was great! Mert is a Turkey native with tons of knowledge of not only Ephesus, but all other historical grounds of Turkey. Great guide, and a great tour; I'd recommend to anyone who is interesting in visiting Turkey.

Amazing Goncha!!!
stars 5 out of 5, Reviewed on

We recently traveled to Greece and Turkey with a group of 28 from our wine club in California. My husband had researched several tour companies because we did not want to participate on the gigantic excursion groups offered through our cruise. How lucky we were to spend the day with Goncha, our delightful and extremely knowledgeable guide. She has an effervescent personality and exudes pride as she shares her knowledge and love of her country, Turkey. She planned a perfect day for our group of 16 and created one of the most memorable days of our trip.We all wanted to adopt her but perhaps her husband might object. We loved her and our special day in Ephesus.

About Ephesus
stars 5 out of 5, Reviewed on

This was an awesome tour. I read about them on Cruise Critic and then booked a one day private tour. This company was very responsive from the first email. Go to 'https://ephesusbreeze.com'' and contact them if you are going to Izmir ! Our tour guide Hilya was wonderful. She was knowledgeable and understanding of our needs. It was tailored to what we wanted to do and where we wanted to go. The cost was well worth it in comparison to shore excursions from the cruise ship.

Superb Tour of Ephesus
stars 5 out of 5, Reviewed on

We followed the high ratings of the one-day tour of Ephesus with Ephesus Tours and it was the highlight of our entire cruise. Our guide Ayca was extremely knowledgeable, articulate and helpful. Her English was excellent and she was able to communicate both the grand sweep of history and fascinating details about what we were seeing. (We didn't burden her with the knowledge but 6 of the ten of us were professors with considerable knowledge of the Biblical background though not of the site) Her knowledge of the Biblical background was quite extensive and her grasp of archaeology excellent. We recommend it enthusiastically and without reservation..

Ephesus Spectacular
stars 5 out of 5, Reviewed on

From Istanbul we leave by plane to Izmir where we hired a car and headed to Selçuk, near the Aegean coast, to visit the ruins of Ephesus, considered one of the great wonders of the classical period and according to one of the best preserved of the entire eastern Mediterranean. We slept 2 nights in Selçuk, this allowed us to stay a whole day in the city, long enough to know the ruins and the main attractions. Although the whole route was done at night, the trip was quiet, the roads in Turkey are great and very safe. Ephesus, under the rule of the Romans, became the most important port of the Aegean and large commercial and cultural center that went into decline after the silting of the port. Among many ruins we find in Ephesus magnificently preserved buildings such as the Ephesus Breeze Library, Hadrian's Temple and the Hellenistic Theater, besides fountains, Roman baths and commercial Agoras. Other places worth mentioning are: Meryemana The house of the Virgin Mary, Basilica of Saint John, Isa Bey Mosque, Temple of Artemisia and Priene. An important tip, if you plan to visit Ephesus in the summer, do not forget to bring a hat and water. Being a place with a considerable tourist influx it is best to arrive early in the morning.

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Wondering what to see?

Celsus Library
Celsus Library

Celsus Library is one of the finest buildings in Ephesus. The two-story building contained over 12,000 hand-written books, making it one of the largest library collections of its time.

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Eight of us on 12 night Mediterranean cruise arranged a tour through Ephesus Tours and were fortunate enough to be met at the cruise terminal by Gonca Kizilhan, a.k.a. Rosie, the most wonderful tour guide in all of Turkey! She was so knowledgeable, was able to answer any question asked of her and had the most pleasant personality.”

Travelicious1217, Warrington, Pennsylvania

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