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Our main aim is to satisfy each and every guest we serve to their highest expectations.So far our Private Ephesus Tour guide services have been rated one of the best for various types of Ephesus & Biblical tours in Turkey...
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A terrific day in Ephesus
stars 5 out of 5, Reviewed on

I spent a fair bit of time researching private companies to book a tour with, on our day at the port of Izmir on a cruise. I settled on this company (about epesus or osman tourism) It was middle of the pack as far as cost and I got great follow up on questions I had before we left for our cruise.As promised, our guide Selda met us exactly where and when we were told. She walked the six of us to the large new mercedes van and got us in and ready. On our way to the site, Selda told us of the history of Turkey, showed us maps, pointed out interesting things along the way and answered all of our questions. She was fluent in English, smart and obviously loved her country and sharing it with others. We stopped at Mary's house, which was quite interesting and then headed to Ephesus. Selda paced the tour perfectly and we had an amazing time wandering around the site. It is an incredible place and there is so much to see.After we finished Selda took us to the rug factory. It was much more interesting than we expected, the lunch was delicious (and the beer and wine that went with it) and two of the three couples bought rugs. The other couple had purchased one on a previous trip to Turkey. We didn't feel pressured to buy a rug at all. The rug arrived here at home ahead of schedule (in only 3 weeks) and is just as beautiful as expected.We were all very pleased with our choice for the tour. It was a really nice day, certainly one of the highlights of our cruise.

Ephesus tour
stars 5 out of 5, Reviewed on

We booked this tour company because of the reviews on trip advisor. I want to say without reservation it was a wonderful experience and our tour guide Filiz was very professional and informative. We really enjoyed the way she presented the many details of history about the ruins of Ephesus. Do not hesitate to use this company. You will not be disappointed.

A great tour at economical rates
stars 5 out of 5, Reviewed on

The cruise line we were traveling with offered tours at each stop. Very expensive, So we did some research and came across this tour company through TripAdvisor. The tour was excellent, efficient and economical.We were met at the dock as promised by our guide Julia, an intelligent, educated (and very pretty) young lady who guided us privately through Ephesus as described. Having been on these types of tours in the past, we knew you eventually wound up at a rug dealer and usually had to put up with a lot of pressure. As we had no desire to buy a rug, we told Julia that we definitely did not want to go through that hype so she kindly made other arrangements for our lunch. The cost of the tour was about 40% of what the ship's excursion would cost. We missed nothing and saved a lot of money. I would highly recommend Julie and her company for anyone visiting Ehpesus.

Lost ancient city.
stars 5 out of 5, Reviewed on

Ephesus is another big lost city around Aegean Sea. Lots of fine arts and Roman architectures can be found here. Another time tunnel to Roman Empire ruled Balkan area. The land form of this area changed very seriously within past 2000 years. Ephesus was a coastal sea port before, but almost 20 kilometers from coast now. You can also see lots of Roman cultures, such as big opera, library or even well drained, stone made without partition public toilet. A must see attraction for those who have deep interested in ancient civilization.This attraction is not suitable for visitors who can't walk on unpaved road or need an arm chair.

A wonder of the world that gets more wonderful every day.
stars 5 out of 5, Reviewed on

Walking through this archeological site as it continues to be uncovered and exposed to the living is a wonderful experience. The best process is to use a guide or utilise the audio guide on offer. Even if you are not interested in history you should take the time to walk this site and imagine what it looked like from the parts of reconstruction that are on show; it should leave you in awe.

Such history!
stars 5 out of 5, Reviewed on

Ephesus Tours was well worth the price we paid. We had a magnificent tour guide, Arzu, who spoke wonderful English, and was like a walking encyclopedia. She had such knowledge of the area, and was so pleasant; we enjoyed our time with her very much. Had we not taken the tour, we would have missed out on so much history. To get the most out of this incredible area, we highly recommend Ephesus Tours!

Incredible Day with Selda!!
stars 5 out of 5, Reviewed on

We pre-booked our private tour to Ephesus and were not disappointed, as our money was well spent. Our guide, Selda, met us promptly upon our disembarkation from our cruise ship. We spent the day with both Selda and a very capable driver, covering all the important historical sites. Selda provided us with detailed information and historical facts, all with a sense of humor. She helped us avoid the crush of the other tours with their large contingency of people. Then, after agreement, she took to an very informative demonstration where we were shown how Turkish carpets are made and how long it takes to weave them (we did not purchase a carpet). Following the demonstration, we were shown to a garden where we were provided with a delicious and large lunch that was comprised of local dishes. Selda and our driver made sure we were delivered back to the port in time for window-shopping; the best way to end an historical tour!!We highly recommend this tour and ask for Selda if she is available.

Excellent attraction but you need the right tour guide
stars 5 out of 5, Reviewed on

I won't repeat all the reviews about what a must see Ephesus is..if you are in this part of the world you do not want to miss this. It is a very humbling experience to walk through these ruins. We were 2 /days away from arriving into Kusadasi with only the knowledge that we did not want to participate in the cruise ship shore excursion. With very little lead time Osman Tourism (about Ephesus) arranged for the 2 of us to have a private tour to be laid out however we wanted, On our time table. As mentioned before our guide met us at precisely the right time, whisked us away In a Mercedes van with a very good driver. We could not have been more fortunate to have Selda be our guide. Incredible experience. She imparted her knowledge and passion for the culture and civilization. It was the most amazing afternoon. She knew exactly how to tailor our day to avoid the crowds (not always possible even in the offseason). We spent more time than originally planned due to her infectious enthusiasm and commitment. We will always remember Selda as the reason our amazing and unforgettable day at Ephesus. Thank you !!

Private Ephesus Tour is the only way to go!
stars 5 out of 5, Reviewed on

My family hired Osman Tourism and our lovely and talented tour guide Ms. Canan Tunckanat (we pronounced "Shannon") met us immediately at the pier and whisked us from the port in our private vehicle with car seat for our 2.5 year old son. This is the only way to go in order to avoid the throngs of cruise ship tour buses with headsets. She tailored the trip to our needs and used her knowledge of which places would be less crowded in order to give us a better experience. Our last stop was a traditional Turkish meal at a rug making farm, with no pressure to buy anything, for the first time I finally got to see how silk is transformed from the cocoon. A very well-rounded Turkish experience. Canan was extremely knowledgeable, world-travelled, and we hope many more are lucky enough to experience Ephesus with her and her tour company.

stars 5 out of 5, Reviewed on

Like many others we prefer to arrange our own tours, for two reasons - firstly they are always less expensive, secondly more intimate, i.e. not sharing with a whole coach of people.Our tour guide was Gulcan Aydemir - and she was there waiting for us as we got off the ship.There were only four of us in the group, so with the driver and Gulcan we had the comfort of a 12 seater minibus. Gulcan was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and polite and made our Ephesus experience a memorable one. Would strongly recommend this company and guide..

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Kusadasi Ephesus Tour

Private tour to Ephesus Ancient City Ruins and near by attractions. Excursion takes approximately 6 to 7 hours.

Izmir Ephesus Tour

Starting from Izmir, the tour of Ephesus. Covers the most important attractions around and takes 5 to 6 hours.

Istanbul Ephesus Tour

Fly from Istanbul to Izmir and explore the marvels of Ephesus & around privately.

Wondering what to see?

Celsus Library
Celsus Library

Celsus Library is one of the finest buildings in Ephesus. The two-story building contained over 12,000 hand-written books, making it one of the largest library collections of its time.

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I booked online with Ephesus Breeze as an alternative to the cruise ship sponsored excursions for a one day tour for myself and my two teenage sons. Booking was simple. We paid a small deposit via paypal, and then the balance in cash in US dollars at the end of the tour. The fee included all entrances.”

radnormom, Radnor, Pennsylvania

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